Company Name Higashida Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Since August 1, 1946
Established September 7, 1949
Capital 20 million Yen
Number of Employees 72 (as of April, 2009)
Head Office 190-1, Higashi Nonami-Cho, Hikone-Shi, Shiga 522-0027, Japan
President Masanobu Higashida
Business Lines General trading company dealing in electronics, FA and IT systems
TEL +81-749-23-2311
FAX +81-749-23-2315
URL http://www.heic.biz/eng/
Office Hikone Branch 190-1, Higashi Nonami-Cho, Hikone-Shi, Shiga, 522-0027, Japan
Nagahama Branch 210-3, Kobori-Cho, Nagahama-Shi, Shiga, 526-0845, Japan
Ritto Branch 841-1, Shimomagari, Ritto-Shi, Shiga, 520-3026, Japan
Koga Branch 5-55, Nakayashiki, Minakuchi-Cho, Kouka-Shi, Shiga, 528-0024, Japan
Access map
Room5,11th Floor,Three Stages Complex Building,Jiazhaoye Center,No,5 Huizhou Avenue,Huicheng District,Huizhou City,Guangdong,P.R.China
TEL. +86-752-284-7340
FAX. +86-752-284-7344
Corporate History August 1, 1946 Established
September 7, 1949 Higashida Electric Industrial Limited company was established
May 3, 1957 Reorganized to Higashida Electric Industrial Company
September, 1964 Ritto Office was established
January, 1975 Head Office relocated to Higashi Nonami-cho Hikone city
September, 1993 Nagahama Office was established
June, 1997 Minakuchi Office was established
November, 2002 Received the superior report corporation (Hikone Tax Office)
March, 2006 Hikone, Nagahama, Ritto Office was raised to Branch
October, 2006 Minakuchi office was relocated and newly constructed and renamed to Koga office
November, 2007 Received the superior report corporation (Hikone Tax Office)
October, 2009 Koga Office was raised to Branch
March, 2012 Established local subsidiary HIGASHIDA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL HUIZHOU.LTD in China
March, 2014 Gained ISO14001 certification for Hikone Branch and Ritto Branch
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