Product Supply in Various Fields
Providing complete back-up for specialized technology that is organically linked together.

While operating as an engineering trading company centered on electronics, HEIC has also established a network involved in everything from electric plants through to electronic equipment to provide total support for the field of manufacturing. Using the experience we have cultivated over the course of more than 70 years in business, we provide the ultimate products based on our integrated power of recommendation that transcends business fields during scrupulous meetings and finely-tuned follow-ups.
It goes without saying that our recommendations also cover systems involving software. Providing services that are both cost-efficient and of high quality, we continue to contribute to the highest levels of value-added creativity.

Product constitution

High service of the additional value is pursued and we cover a system from the product of a wide range of fields.

Substation equipment to the generator, providing stable power to the facility management.
We will propose the system that changes the production site and the office more efficiently and safely by automating and making to IT.
A high performance control and the power
incoming installation that supports the automation are offered from the switch to the servo and the sequencer.
More smaller, and more high-quality. We suggest the device which is most suitable for your company from abundant electronic components.
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