Harmony and creation to the manufacturing with "4S"

HEIC has brought various harmony and creation to the electronic industry since its established.The sense of balance as the communicator based on hands-on approach is our strength.We introduce the management vision of HEIC and "4S" which aim to be the trading company
needed by the customer and the times.

We strengthen the training system to acquire product knowledge.
The customer value is enhanced by a best proposal.

Today, IT is well on the way to advance. To offer the customer a further additional value, we bring up a brainy person with extensive knowledge including the system suggestion.
We attempt to maintain IT promotion section to improve our business.

Internal structure to increase the customer value >>


Quick response and satisfaction by the proposal and the distribution of the just-in-time.

A distribution system that contributes to helping customers cut down on operation costs and achieve efficient distribution by suggesting and providing the required products when they are needed.
Swift proposals and deliveries are now possible by making the best use of the online network we share with many manufacturers.

The network system>>


Extensive merchandise line and flexibility of customer sticking. We support to procure material and equipment

New products are released from various manufacturers every day.
Fine hearing will be always done, the information network and the feed system be expanded, and we offer the product that brings the customer the reformation in real time.

Introduction of Products >>


From system construction to operative support Resolve all the issues in the field based on the conversation.

Exclusive SE analyzes the trouble of the customer such as the quality control, the environmental measures and safety.
The optimization of the field is achieved by proposing and constructing the equipment and the system with more advantages.

The solution system >>

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