Best Partner For Your Profit
We always pursue the best proposal, and train the brains that meets the customer's demand.

It is nothing but the power of "the person" which can offer maximum satisfaction to the customer.
We have a variety of training programs, and try to develop human resources with knowledge of various manufacturer's products to be well informed of the products and technologies that upgrades more and more, and to offer best information for the customer.
In addition, placing the IT promotion section, are also focusing on improving operational efficiency.

The training system to improve merchandise knowledge

Participating in training courses implemented by the manufacturers we mainly deal with and actively running in-house job skill training and other training courses for all job positions.
We regularly invite the people in charge at manufacturing companies to speak at our study courses, and strive to make sure that everyone, from new recruits through to veteran employees, can learn about the specialized and wide-ranging technological information that is changing the world on a daily basis.

■The main training item

・The new recruit training ・OJT ・The training according to the professional ability
・Manufacturer workshop

Maintenance of the IT promotion section

The IT promotion section was started up for an efficient management system.
Specialized member gropes for the current problem and the solution, to work on the review of all the business.
As well as making of IT in the company, the function as the synthesis and the technology trading companies at a new age is expanded by a fresh aspect not caught in the past.

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