Optimization of Production
"Environment, safety, and quality" is improved by optimizing the site.

Do you suffer from any on-site problems or un-met requirements related to energy-saving, efficiency or maintenance? The true value of HEIC's solutions are apparent from the dedicated follow-up we provide for sales purposes and the proposal capabilities of our SEs (Sales Engineers.)
We provide full support for all required aspects, from analyzing on-site problems, selecting the most appropriate products and suggesting the best systems, through to creating and operating the systems in order to eradicate on-site waste and achieve maximum levels of efficiency.

The solution model

Based on the demand of the customer, we choose the equipment and materials from the various manufacturers.
Furthermore, various advantages are offered to the site by proposing the system and constructing it.

Solution flow

SE and sales staff with abundant experience analyze and solve a different subject for each site. From hardware to software, we realize close total solution.

Hearing   Investigation and examination   System proposal
SE that well-informed to the equipment and the sales staff who knows the site hears customer's worry, and the problem to be solved is narrowed. The specialty is made the best use of, and the best composition is examined from all viewpoints like the cost, productivity, and maintainability, etc. The best plan is proposed and constructed with the know-how obtained from abundant results of the FA・IT system etc.
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