"Harmony of mind and technique"
To the point in the age always with the customer.

HEIC is the company which "Provide maximum benefit and satisfaction to our customers and develop with the customer“.
Over the course of more than 70 years we have continued to strengthen our relations with a wide range of manufacturers and evolved together with the times to provide our customers with all forms of electrical equipment, from appliances through to electronics. However, we feel that it is now time to improve the level of our technology to higher levels and create integral systems in order to cater to the requirements of the times in such areas as the environment, safety and quality.
We also believe that building up a next-generation foundation is also an urgent task that we must achieve as we face the 65th anniversary. We are doing everything within our power to adopt new innovations on a daily basis while making sure that we stay on top of all important issues, such as training a workforce that is able to create value and ensuring that we have a faultless training system.
Aiming at being a company that keeps a firm eye on the future together with all of our customers and new employees who will work for the next generation in order to share our mutual delights...
HEIC's roots as a general trading company lie in Shiga Prefecture, and it is our sincerest desire that you will all continue to provide us with your unchanging support and cooperation well into the future.
President and CEO
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